Many like me.

Windy rains and the screeming sun
Empty sands and deep waters.
I went to the moon looking for you
Not alone. In a queue.
Many like you left many like me.
Many like me refused to see.


A cup of your time

Just a cup of your time
Once a day
For lifetime.
And a sip of your sound
Singing Our Song.
And maybe once in a while
The look of your eyes
Gazing into mine.


I met a girl just like me
Whose spirits were a reflection of mine.
We sang, we laughed
And forgot everything for a while.
I thought she was just like me
But perhaps she was better.
She had no ambitions,
Lived only in moments.
I tried to make her dream.
She felt it was too much an effort.
I insisted on living a meaningful life.
She call me a villain and asked
The meaning of life.

Remind Me

Remind me I’m still alive
Up in the clouds among the rainbows.
Kindle the sparks of glee
And light all the fireworks.
Must I depend on you
Or are you a delusion?
Remind me there’s another world
Away from all the chaos you bring to me.