“Dagger Of Bewilderedness”


The dagger of bewilderedness
When unsheathed
Revealed the stains red.
Closer he did look
Upon the reflection,
“As though my wounded psyche”
But fancied it
To be always alike. 




Your ambition
An obsession?

Your vision
Sole possession?

Your thoughts
Limited edition?

Your brain
Freaky logician?

Your action
Photoelectric emission?

Your heart
Blind musician?

If no, then…
Your confusion
Is neglection,
This world
Being an illusion.

“The Forever Autumn”


Back in the days when we parted ways
When the scars of lonliness were set ablaze
The pain we held was screaming
A poor excuse for daydreaming.
You were strong
To ignore the sound
And I was weak
To sing along.

Now the peak is yours
And all I have is the bottom,
The awful wild
And the forever autumn.

“Yesterday …I was sad”


And so I locked the door
Killed the lights
And smoked my room with incense.
I sat on the solitary chair
Plugged in the earphones 
And played Carley Rae Jepsen.
I closed my eyes
And asked the boundless darkness,
“Why, to forgive
Is difficult?”
And it replied,
“Because you are
never harmed.”

I questioned myself.
And I answered myself,
“I am a soul
Untouched by joy
Or misery.
It is my body that 
Sherlocks me!”

And then I was lost
Between my own eyes
Distilling boundless wisdom.