The stars conspired to inspire beauty,

You arrived.

And were hailed as treaty

Between charm and melody.


With Him By Side

High above the mountain hill
Stood a man motion still.
Gloomy was his face, thoughtful his eyes
With no interest, he stared into the aureate sky.

I have lost the battle of life

It offers nothing but an endless strife.

Just one last step

And death will be my wife”


All set he was
To end his meaningless life
Yet his destiny seemed
To be predetermined.
A melodious voice pierced his ears
His legs came to a halt.
And then he had the time of his life.


“I assume you are admiring

Mother nature.

I intend to do the same.

What else is a remedy for a heartbreak?”


“You don’t seem heartbroken.”

“Would that be a compliment?

Cause my only son died yesterday

In a tragic fire accident.

While I was the bloody fireman.”


“Would you rather not be with your wife”


“My wife died years ago.

From cancer.

Did fight for a decade though.

Would you give me the pleasure of knowing your story?”


My girlfriend left me.”


Is that the silly reason why you have decided to jump off this cliff?”


“My life holds no meaning now.”


“There there!
Life is a dream. Only you know what your dream is. All dreams are meaningless until you try to decipher them. And when you can’t find the meanings of your dreams, you give it your own.


“Its all illusion.”


“Your definitions are perfect. But you miss an important part,”conditions apply”. Fruitive activities i.e. seeking sense gratification is the cause for material bondage. People are mad after sense gratification. They do not know that this present body, which is full of miseries, is a result of their own fruitive activities of the past.”


“All I want is liberation.”


“Then you must develop love for unconditional service. You must not desire fruits for your actions, nor must you be affected by their outcomes.


“I cannot understand.”


“Then I’ll make it simple. Your love for that friend of yours is conditional as you seek her love in return. Once you start loving her unconditionally, you would want her to be happy. Where she be whoever with.”


“But she doesn’t want me anymore.”


“And you still wanting her to be happy will be a prodigy. An unconditional doer indeed.”

“You have given me a treasure.”


“You always had it. I just reminded you.


“Are you kidding me?”


“No, my friend. You have all the answers inside you. All it takes for liberation is remembering them. Go back, go back to your material world. If not to enjoy it, then to make it better. And remember that you always have an option to become batman.”


“Who are you?”


“You know me. Don’t you remember your childhood? Remember a chothless man having flocks of hair, sitting cross-legged and meditating with a trident in his hand?

Seek truth in meditation,

Not in moldy books.

Look into the sky to find the moon,

Not into the pond.”

And then he looked into the moon with him by side. No one knows what became of him. But lets hope that he became Batman.