Crying is easier

“Sometimes I cry for no reason.”
“It helps.”
“Music helps too.”
“I forget. Crying is easier.”


Damn You

We expected

Not to miss you

But damn you!

We do.

Maybe causeĀ 

‘Matkas’ have taken over

The canteen.

It now reeks of emptiness.

Or maybe cause

A DJ once sang ‘Kung Fu Panda’,

Oh! Her beloved Shah Jahan.

While a famous flirt boy

Was all setĀ 

To become the ‘Shell Boy’.

Or maybe just because

Our king of sarcasm

Is no more at ISM.

The Dying Moon

The sky had just shed its darkness The morning breeze still added chill onto the sand dunes that dominated their yellow territory as far as one could see. There was no intruder in the land of sands to marvel at this part-time creation of nature. The only living thing that breathed in that immense silence was a little green cactus. It still had few yellow flowers that seemed to be afraid of its now unnecessary thorns. Those small beauties fixed their innocent gaze on the dying moon as if to complain, “You promised that you wouldn’t go to work today!”