Two Faces

Two faces follow me everywhere.
They want me to do it
Their way.
They are driving me mad.
“It is for your own benefit”, they say.
“Follow the crowd”, they always say.
But the two faces keep fighting
One another.
What they say
Keeps changing.


“Yesterday …I was sad”


And so I locked the door
Killed the lights
And smoked my room with incense.
I sat on the solitary chair
Plugged in the earphones 
And played Carley Rae Jepsen.
I closed my eyes
And asked the boundless darkness,
“Why, to forgive
Is difficult?”
And it replied,
“Because you are
never harmed.”

I questioned myself.
And I answered myself,
“I am a soul
Untouched by joy
Or misery.
It is my body that 
Sherlocks me!”

And then I was lost
Between my own eyes
Distilling boundless wisdom.