Me and The Boys


You would think it was funny
But no, I don’t
Yesterday, I was locked out
By my own door
Curse the wind, but why would you?
I had no jeans, what a fool.

So I called my friend, Jo
He had my spare pair of key
He started driving to me
Though he had a date with his girl, Sophie

It reminded me of our times
Some bad, some good but mostly fine
Now you’ve found somebody else
I do hope he treats you well
Well, better than I did

I wish I could see you again
And tell you how sorry I am
For the hurtful things I said
On our last day, think it was a Friday

Jo came around but he was all tears
Sophie broke up with him, had an affair
I thought it could wait till I had my jeans
But he hugged me so hard I couldn’t breathe

He cried about getting drunk
Drown in sorrow, pain and burn
Even said some things about you
Girls are the reason we are blue
I couldn’t see his tears
I let him scream, I could bear

That’s when I knew I had to call
Shawn and Dawn to come along
They lived on the other side of the city
But nobody could see Jo in misery

So Me and The Boys met once again
Not in a bar but some decent place
I was happy to have my jeans
Shawn had many soups of kidney beans
Dawn had Jo laughing again
Jokes about some crashing plane

You see, I can live without
As long as I have my boys around
I wish that Friday had never happened
But everything’s alright
If you still have your happy smile